Remixed Nostalgia with Jerkface

By Emma Regolini

March 27th, 2020

You may recognise Jerkface’s nostalgia-driven, potently optimistic reimaginations of yours and my favourite cartoon icons. His remix of colourful pop-iconography makes his work not only stands out but will also make you stand still and appreciate his flawless attention to detail and nuance.

Jerkface in Brooklyn, 2016

Jerkface’s daring dissections and use of ubiquitous characters including The Simpsons, Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes and many more make him a key player in the art scene.

Jerkface’s first wall as a teen in Queens 2013

Breaking away from widely used stencil, wildstyle or realism forms of street art, Jerkface’s pieces evoke a sense of familiarity, naivety and innocence.

Jerkface in Manhattan, NY 2016

The artist often reflects on the happiness he sought from cartoon programs during his childhood years. His work bridges the gap between youthful memories and the weight adulthood.

Jerkface in New York, NY 2017

From geometric abstractions to repetition and transparent layers, Jerkface purposefully creates provocative scenes that are rich with emotion, energy and an unbridled enthusiasm. In a time like this, Jerkface’s work seems indispensable now more than ever.

Jerkface Grand in Manhattan, NY 2014
Jerkface, 2018

The artist’s creative process however is far from simple. Relying and trusting on his intuition and experience over time, Jerkface explains that his design process starts with the idea and then a sketch which he builds on to refine the design. He says that, “over time, you learn to look at your work better and differently.”

Jerkface in Asheville, NC 2017

Over the years, you can see his designs become more refined and enriched with movement while staying true to the innocence and joy of his youth. True to form, with constant revision and improvement, his pieces today are flawless.

Jerkface in Manhattan, NY 2017

He states that, “the secret is to have the ability to find weaknesses in your own work and to dig those pain points out before anyone else.”

Jerkface in LES NYC, 2016

By manipulating and refining his playful characters, Jerkface has been about to create new compelling visual narratives for characters including Pink Panther, Sesame Street and many more.

Jerkface in Brooklyn, 2018

In addition to his success in the street art world, Jerkface’s 2016 exhibition “Saturday Morning” (a nod to Saturday morning cartoons) at Under the Influence gallery in Hong Kong garnered international recognition leading to several murals around Hong Kong and the US.

Jerkface in Manhattan, 2014

When asked about his view on street art today, Jerkface says, “everything happening around street art is inspiring.” Heavily influenced by his surroundings in New York, the artist explains that he is most inspired by “the regularity of artists painting massive buildings.”

Jerkface in Manhattan, 2015

As the circuit of street art festivals worldwide expands and street art becomes more widely respected, it is exciting to see artists like Jerkface and others share their work on a big scale.

Jerkface in Brooklyn, NY 2017

“Art on such a big stage is so overwhelming, so grand. It becomes larger than life.”

Jerkface Manhattan, 2015


By Emma Regolini

March 20th, 2020

You may recognise her multi-coloured abstract murals from around the world. MadC is the unstoppable female artist dominating the traditionally male oriented arena of graffiti and street art today.

MadC villa mural for Pullman Hotels Maldives

MadC, also known as Claudia Walde is a German born graffiti writer and muralist. Carrying a degree in graphic design with a Master’s stamp, MadC began her career in graffiti long before her adult years.

MadC Germany 2020

Completing her first graffiti piece at 16 years of age, MadC went on to reach early international acclaim in 2010 with her piece, known as the ‘700 Wall.’ The wall covered 700 square metres along the train line between Berlin and Halle and took 4 months to complete. According to most sources, the painting is still the large graffiti mural created by a single person.

MadC ‘700 Wall’ Berlin-Halle 2010

Following her success from the ‘700 Wall,’ MadC’s style and approach slowly began to change direction. Departing from detailed and thematic storytelling, her work and artistic path diversified into gallery shows, larger scale murals and a deeper analysis of the pillars of traditional graffiti.

MadC London, UK 2013
MadC 1000 square foot wall, Chicago 2018

What has been acknowledged as a shift in ‘artistic strategy,’ saw MadC take a closer look at wild-style graffiti, dynamic lines and bold motion and colours. Her murals could now be described as having placed a magnifying lens over aggressive lettering, angles and shapes to give clarity to a different world of expression, beauty and art.

MadC Philadelphia, USA 2016 for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

MadC’s focus on magnified brush strokes and layered transparencies give way to a liquid form. Her murals spread across the world wash the faces of multi-storey walls in an effortless way.

MadC 12-storey mural in Berlin 2019, for Berlin Mural Festival

Bridging the divide between street art and the gallery world, MadC presented her first show in 2015 named, ‘Night and Day.’ The series explored the relationship between night and day and the role it plays in the life and activities of a graffiti artist.

MadC Marrakech, Morroco 2016

More recently, MadC presented a series of works, ‘Dialogue’ throughout the gardens of the Brenners Park Hotel in Germany Each sculptural painting has a direct link to the hotel and their placement in the garden. The painting, ‘Indigo Coelin’ (centre below), represents the fresh breeze, which floats through the restaurant. Elements of pink add sweetness while the gold lines draw meaning from the gold elements inside the hotel.

Depending on the light, the gold changes throughout the day, similar to the light, which reflects and moves through the restaurant.

MadC ‘Dialogue’ 2019, Brenners Park Hotel, Germany

MadC’s magnified, abstract style brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the world of traditional graffiti. Claudia’s roots in graphic design and teenage years honing her craft has enabled her to build, develop and refine a recognisable style which she is renowned for today.  

MadC Germany 2015