Courts as a Canvas

By Emma Regolini

July 17th, 2020

Basketball courts are the perfect canvas for large-scale murals as well as creative and recreational activism.  These spaces are often meeting points and cultural hubs for members of the community.

Court by Gustavo Zermeño Jr and Alfonso Garcia with Project Backboard

Founded in 2014 by Dan Peterson, Project Backboard focuses on transforming neglected court spaces into large-scale artworks for the community.

Court by Matt W. Moore with Rémy Martin

After Peterson began to notice the decaying state of some of the courts in his community, he began small improvements and touch-ups, eventually collaborating with local artist Anthony Lee on a Memphis court refurbishment, which became the birth of Project Backboard.

Court by Lois O’Hara

Peterson told Colossal that he prefers to work with local artists from areas who have a connection to the park or city where the court is located.

Court by Mark Paul Deren

Project Backboard has expanded from Memphis to St Louis, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Rochelle and New York. Using courts as a canvas for public art means that that it is accessible to all members of the community and has the power to transform neglected spaces.

Court by Mur0ne

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite court murals by Project Backboard and others from around the world…

Court at Pigalle Paris
Court by Nick Dahlen with Project Backboard
Court by Scott Albrecht with Project Backboard
Court by Ugo Galassi
Court by Gustavo Zermeño Jr with Project Backboard
Court by Charlie Edmiston with Project Backboard
Court by Alexey Luka
Court by Blue the Great with Jumpman
Court by Lindert Steegen
Court by Kaws with Nike
Court by Katrien Vanderlinden
Court by Carlos Rolón with Project Backboard

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