While We’re Inside…with Vadim Solovyov

By Emma Regolini

April 24th, 2020

As we remain locked inside whilst the pandemic sweeps through the world,  Vadim Solovyov is reimagining a new reality.

The artist’s digital manipulations of larger-than-life creatures give voice to a seemingly dystopian reality than the one we are currently experiencing.

Via Vadim Solovyov

Portraying everyday urban environments overthrown by pigeons, racoons or sea-life presents an eerily surreal parallel universe where human civilisation is no longer in power.

As we collectively settle into a ‘new normal’ in 2020 from raging natural disasters to a sweeping pandemic, Solovyov’s fantastical compositions remain a thought provoking concept.

Solovyov has shared with publications that he began this conceptually dystopian series as a way to explore strange events in his reality.

For example the colossal sized raccoon making it’s way to the embankment to perhaps rinse itself, references the need for washing and sanitising our hands to help present the spread of COVID-19.

The artist sites that his visual depictions each uniquely comment on an issue or problem in society facing the human race.

Despite it’s dystopian connotations, the visuals spark surprise and curiosity for viewers with a deeper call to action.

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